Gorongosa National Park

"We highly recommend that you visit Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique; both on-line and in person. The beautiful web-site will reveal the amazing park, and the inspiring restoration work that is ongoing there! See: here

Nodal Ninja

We are pleased to announce a new product line called 'Nodal Ninja Tera, Powered by Pixorb™'. This line has been developed through the past two years during close association with Nodal Ninja. Stay tuned for availability.


MIT City Scanning Project

MIT City Scanning Project

Peace River Studios assisted MIT in designing and building this self-contained multi-axis image capture cart.

Peabody Museum logo

Harvard Peabody Museum

Altar Q in QuickTime VR

Within the famous Peabody Museum in Cambridge MA. move
around a Mayan Altar 360 degrees, as if you were there. John Borden, President of Peace River Studios designed a custom system to photograph the "Object Movie" of this massive replica of this historically significant Mayan artifact.

Cambridge, MA

VR Mag


VRMAG is an online magazine born in 2001 dedicated to the Virtual Reality community and industry. A place where developers, professionals and amateurs share their views, technical expertise and the latest technological, creative and artistic innovations.

International VR Photography Association

3Sixty Discount for IVRPA Members

The IVRPA (formerly the IQTVRA) is an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images. Our Members include professional photographers, multimedia and web developers, artists, enthusiasts, students, and companies and individuals that support our technology with software and hardware.

Peace River Studios offers a 10 percent discount on the 3Sixty to all IVRPA members.

Newtonville Camera logo

Newtonville Camera, Inc.

Panoramic Camera Mount Dealer

One of New England's leading Photo and Video Specialty Stores. Newtonville Camera Inc. was founded in 1974, 24 years of experience (and counting).

Newtonville, MA



REALVIZ develops and markets a portfolio of image processing software, which enable the production of 2D and 3D digital images for the film industry, audiovisual production and multimedia industry.

Sophia Antipolis, France.

Vr Toolbox logo

VR Toolbox

VR Toolbox, Inc.

A Pittsburgh-based software company whose focus is the development and marketing of software tools for QuickTime VR. Their line includes four products, VR Pano Worx, VR Object Worx, VR Scene Worx and The VR Worx.

Pittsburgh, PA

Totally Hip

Totally Hip

Since it was founded in 1995 Totally Hip Software has been consistently developing and marketing award-winning interactive Web development technologies, including Livestage Professional, LiveSlideShow, and WebPainter 3.0.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

WGBH logo


Pyramids of Giza in QTVR

Visit this site to journey through Khufu's narrow passageways and navigate your way, as the pharaohs did, to the King's burial chamber. All of the panoramas at this site were photographed using a Peace River Studios' head.

Boston, MA