Egret in Tree

Film and Video Production

Our team has been involved in numerous award-winning documentaries and dramatic programs that have been distributed independently, broadcast on television series such as NOVA, and distributed as part of educational multimedia curricula. Past projects include:

  • TBS' acclaimed series, The Native Americans. The six-hour documentary series was divided into six programs based on geographical regions. John Borden directed the two one-hour programs set in the Eastern regions; Joana Hattery was one of the field producers.?

  • A one-hour NOVA program, Adrift on the Gulf Stream. Hattery directed this piece for broadcast television,? which featured dramatic footage shot by Borden under, on, and above the Atlantic Ocean.

  • The award-winning Seasons of a Navajo, co-produced by Hattery and directed and photographed by John Borden, was created for (and repeatedly aired on) national public television.

  • The pilot program and 13 dramatic episodes of The Voyage of the Mimi, a series for broadcast television subsequently distributed with multimedia programs in schools.

  • Math and More: a series of 12 math-related videos for a children?s curriculum package funded by the Education Development Center (EDC) and IBM Eduquest.