Interactive Media

Our studio has been a continual pioneer in the design and production of interactive media, from surrogate travel to multimedia science education programs, interactive theaters to 3-D object filming and 360? panoramic filming for QuickTime VR. Past projects include:

  • A surrogate walk-through of exhibit space for Boston's Museum of Science. This project involved using our 3SixtyTM panhead system to photograph and then stitch together 360? panoramic views of multi-room exhibit space. Users navigate through this virtual space, freely moving up, back, and side-to-side to take a look around.

  • A 60-person interactive theater and environmental program for the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. Custom control consoles give visitors the opportunity to interact with an animated game based on the dangers of survival in an urban ecosystem, opinion polls that tally audience views on environmental issues, and a selection of documentary clips set in the New York harbor estuary.

  • Producing 3-D QuickTime VR object movies for Polaroid, L.L. Bean, and a number of other clients.

  • The acclaimed science education program, Interactive Nova: The Mystery of Animal Pathfinders, was a joint Apple/WGBH/Peace River enterprise, based on Peace River's film by the same name. PRS founder John Borden acted as creative director of the interactive program, which still serves as a model for all Interactive NOVA programs distributed by Scholastic Inc.

  • A multi-camera array and filming techniques designed for the ground-breaking M.I.T Aspen surrogate travel program. We have subsequently designed and photographed many surrogate travel sequences, including a Palenque program that allows users to explore a remote, ancient Mayan city.